Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artistic Research

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Un mot encore, & je finis


Have you ever received a special gift before leaving a place? Some years ago, when I emigrated from the city where I was born, I received a special gift before leaving. Sometimes, people visiting my art studio can spot it there. It is a soft object, teal and grey coloured, with a picture of a sculpture. It is a pleasant object for sensuous and good food for thoughts, entailing one of the oldest theories of Western art, but mainly about politics and justice. It is a modern translation of a more than two thousand years ago book. Since my common thread in art is about what I call a system of rules, I found it inspiring since it resonates with the ideas of rules in society while establishing some fundaments about what we have called later art and the status of artists in society. The book text is a dialogue, a format that reminds us how we interact nowadays with AI-powered chatbots. Indeed, for the second time in my art practice, I used Artificial Intelligence to shape the meaning of a work, this one, together with other of my favourite tools, the jigsaw and the police barricade tape. The AI-powered Chatbot translated part of the book. It is a thought-provoking dialogue, which one of the characters challenges and refutes later. I have rewritten the text in another book, which you can see in the pictures. I found this book on the street, and it serves as the primary support for my artwork. The artwork is called “Un mot encore, & je finis”