Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


Marrese began his artistic journey by sketching animal and human specimens from museums.

Born in Florence, he had to confront the Renaissance inheritance.

So, he joined artists to create a collective in an abandoned space on the city’s outskirts. After the police evacuation led to the dissolution of the company, he developed his practice worldwide.

He presented his work while travelling through fjords, amber horizons, the Danube, Asia, and snow-clad forests in central Europe.

At the end of the pandemic, he successfully organised an art festival in Berlin, crafting a concept that embraces the preservation of memories while infusing new creative energy. This ongoing event brings together artists from Europe, Asia, and America.

In a former courthouse, he created artworks using aesthetic skills to bridge the gap between art and people. There, he worked on artificial intelligence related to emotions and ambiguity, a theme for the future.

A monochromatic photo with hands in color. A man stands to the side wearing a deep black jacket, a deep black hat, and greyish/blackish trousers. In the background, there is a geometric metal structure primarily composed of stairs. The photo appears to be taken outdoors.
©VFMarrese, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese photo by Andrea Bucovaz