Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artistic Research

This research is currently open.

Alles ist kritisch


Consumers have a thing for “Nothing is impossible” slogan. I found this slogan in a car repair shop where I displayed my work, “Everything is Critical.”

I create the piece to appear like a giant welcome mat. In the core of the doormat, I painted: “Alles ist kritisch.” The doormat is at the entrance of an artwork in a former auto workshop.

The artwork inside the workshop is about crucial substances. For example, minerals that one can find in cells. The extraction of these minerals raises relevant social problems.

From the specific artistic perspective, critical is related to critical thinking. It is a way of thinking related to art in the last decades. It is still active. Yet with a different significance, as experts wrote [note 1].

  1. Foster, Hal. "THE ANTI-AESTHETIC AT FORTY." Artforum, September 2023, Vol. 62, No. 1, back to the text