Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artistic Research

This research is currently open.

Der Weg der Kohle


The concept of this work is the possibilities to shape social changes. The topic is related to the idea to imagine a network of former power plants that become museums of art that can create an innovative art platform rethinking the social function of a museum of art today. In the Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, as a former power plant that provided energy as heat and electricity, you can see in the boiler room a didactic panel as a schematic representation that shows the use of fossil fuel. Everyone knows that fossil fuel phase-out is a big challenge. What if during this transition, we start an art phase-in through a network of a new type of art museums from the former power plants? On the floor of the boiler room there is a trap door. According to the narrative topos of the magic door that brings us to a new world, this trap door will be the place where the artwork will drive our imagination to this option.