Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artistic Research

This research is currently open.

People also ask


The concept of this work is the human self-domestication hypothesis. The topic is about the search engines semantics and the online researches related to aggressivity. I have composed a sound piece based on some synthetic voices of chimpanzees, and a beat. There are chimpanzees voices during a fight. As we know, chimpanzees are very close to the Homo genus. Anyway, they are still more aggressive than humans in the wild environment. As a human, we are, generally, less aggressive. There is a debate about the idea that natural selection supports less aggressive humans instead of more aggressive. Anyway, we still fight and make wars. Recently media show debated news about a navy seal. This man, Edward Gallagher, seems to have committed war crimes, appear like a very aggressive soldier. Anyway, the President of the USA justified it. So, in this piece, I will explore how this news, related to the topic of aggressivity, is presented by Google in its function called “People also ask”.