Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Portfolio Entry

Evil Designs

Evil Design is a journey in search of truth. The setting is today’s post-truth world. The flood of information glowing on the colourful screens of electronic devices inspired the piece.

©VFMarrese, “Evil Designs”

The performance mixes visual symbolism, expressive action and profound speech.

Set against a minimalist backdrop, Evil Design begins with an artist entering the stage carrying a black gym bag with an erased brand. As the performance unfolds, the artist reveals symbolic elements. Layers of meaning and metaphor fill each component. There is a map and police tape. The map was the first thing the artist picked up when he arrived in the city a few years ago. He later immigrated there, following the migratory tradition of his father’s family branch. The plastic and translucent police tape with its three colours - white, black and red - is a recurring element in the artist’s work.

The artist covered the map with black paint to imitate a switched-off screen.

©VFMarrese, “Evil Designs,” premiére within the frame of the group exhibition “11. Internationaler Sommercampus. Werkschau der Stipendiat:innen”, Galerie die 8, Kalbe (Milde), Germany

He then added the hashtags “Justice” and “Stronger” in white paint, symbolising the complexity of social structures and the search for truth.

The police tape, with its black, white and red tones, represents the boundaries imposed by authority.

The chaotic unravelling of the police tape, followed by its meticulous arrangement, reflects the struggle to navigate chaos and establish order in a post-truth system.

There is a compelling speech, a recitation of Plato’s quote: “Listen, I say that justice is nothing but the interest of the strongest.”

This philosophical discourse will challenge the audience to take a critical look at the nature of justice.

Evil Design invites the audience to question post-truth structures and moral complexities in the quest for justice. It takes the risk of spreading controversy and debate, disagreement or discomfort, but within a critical and respectful framework.

Download the concept and tech rider for Evil Design.