Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


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Subtle Habitat

I coined the term “subtle habitat” to describe a kind of artwork.

I used “habitat” to mean “places” and “subjects.”

By “places,” I mean a space like a room, a forest, or a city.

By “subjects,” I mean the stories associated with those spaces.

To create a “subtle habitat” is to work on these two levels, revealing non-obvious emotions and thoughts.

Unstable Components

A “subtle habitat” is a system of components.

The components are elements of the whole and, at the same time, independent works of art. Because of this dual nature, but not limited to this quality, I called the components “unstable components.”

©VFMarrese, Subtle Habitat 1., Ich bin dreihunderttausend, former courthouse, Kalbe (Milde), Germany, 11. Internationaler Sommercampus, artist residency, Künstlerstadt Kalbe, photo by Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

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©VFMarrese, Subtle Habitat 2., Critical Journey, Adlerhalle, Dragonerareal, Berlin, Germany, “Collectiveness In Space,” in the context of Experimentdays Relaunch, in cooperation with Zusammenstelle and Rathausblock, curatorial program Mayer Pavilion, photo by Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

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